Water Like Stone

Water Like Stone is a story about the people who live in Louisiana’s vanishing wetlands. Through encounters with fishermen, shrimpers, and lifelong residents, filmmaker Zack Godshall collaborates with historian Michael Pasquier to profile the cultural consequences of environmental decay and the human spirit necessary to live in a dying landscape.

Edward "BoBoy" Borne. photo by Zack Godshall

Edward “BoBoy” Borne. photo by Zack Godshall

Louisiana’s wetlands are vanishing faster than any other coastal region in the United States. Water Like Stone is a portrait of Leeville, Louisiana, a fishing village at the leading edge of this environmental disaster. If land loss projections are even remotely accurate, Leeville will cease to be an inhabitable place within the next few decades. As such, the portrayal of Leeville in Water Like Stone becomes a microcosm for all of coastal Louisiana, and ultimately for coastal communities everywhere.

World Premiere
New Orleans Film Festival

Directed by Zack Godshall
Written & Produced by Zack Godshall and Michael Pasquier
Documentary | 76 minutes | 2013

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