A Man Without Words

Made in collaboration with writer and teacher Susan Schaller, A Man Without Words tells the shocking and inspiring story of how a deaf and languageless man came to discover language and connect with larger human community.

Ildefonso & Susan Schaller. photo by Wynn Padula

Ildefonso & Susan Schaller. photo by Wynn Padula

Imagine growing up deaf to hearing parents who never exposed you to signing or any language whatsoever. You’d be unable to read or write. Unable to speak or connect with others in any way beyond miming and gesturing. This was Ildefonso’s life for 27 years. A Man Without Words tells the story of his journey to language by bringing him and his former teacher, Susan Schaller, back to the classroom where they met, where he learned that he and everything has a name.

Official Selection:
Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival | New Orleans Film Festival

Directed by Zack Godshall
Written & Produced by Zack Godshall and Susan Schaller
Cinematography by Wynn Padula
Music by Shane Monds

Documentary | 22 minutes | 2013

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